Craigslist - can be less pain in the %&!

Looking for: Developer
I´m quite sure you gotta lot of stuff you would like to get rid off either for free or for little money. Right?
Yup. Then you would probably go to Craigslist or similar website. And start writing, clicking, uploading bla bla bla.
It will take you probably 3 minutes per item and if you got 50 items. Have fun. No wonder you still have that stuff in your place.

"No one wants to spend so much of their time and energy to sell its old wooden sward, few book or even a dress fro few bucks"

Here is the idea.
Would you still have your annoying old stuff if you had to invest only 10-15 second per item putting it outthere?

Looking for a passioante iOS developer to team up with me as equal partner and discuss our Craigslist experiences and how we can change it.
I come from traditional and digital adverting background with UX & UI design experience.
If you are not a "developer-rockstar-diva" (male or female, doesn´t matter)  and would like to have a chat about the idea just shoot me a message.
Cheers and talk soon.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea