Convince Blizzard Entertainmet to relaunch "The Lost Vikings" game

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Marketer, Sales person
I would like to revive and reinvent the famous Jump'n'Run/RP/Puzzle solving game "The Lost Vikings" from the early 90s and make the new version playable on all mobile and non-mobile devices worldwide. The biggest obstacle is the fact, that I/we don't own the rights to relaunch the game (and it's characters) and we would have to work with Blizzard Entertainment to solve this issue (any suggestions welcome here). (first prototype programmed by me in html5/javascript)
 (the orginal game)

The game itself is - I think - very suitable for today's mobile world. We have to come up with an outstanding solution for the player controls on touchscreen devices (but it's not like there are no jump'n'run games for touch screens yet to borrow ideas from).

Other ideas to possibly add to the new game would be:
- network multi player support
- enemy control support (i.e. players worldwide can control the enemy characters in another player's level)
- social media support (share games, scores, level designs, play together with friends, etc..)
- simple to use level editor with social media support ("Hey, try out my new puzzle and see whether you can solve it.")
- etc..

Let me know what you think. Criticism is always welcome. Looking forward to hear from you,

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