Contracting Company set out to revolutionize the Labor Industry and Customer Experience

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NuLimit Contractors is set out to revolutionize the Labor Industry as well as the customer’s experience. Transitioning from Employee to an Independent Contractor, with time and money on their side. Taking the responsibility of the boss, while NuLimit takes the cut of the employee. Start your very own business without the capital or the advertising. Bringing the customers to you, or have you come crawling to them. All while giving the customers peace of mind with verified contractors, fact checks, and mobile photo uploads for proof of service. The question of who is affected, that would be both the provider and the consumer. What are we providing, a Nationwide contracting service all easily accessed on your phone or on the web. Why have we started NuLimits, to give quality tradesman a new option, a means of security, becoming their own boss, all while not sacrificing time nor money. While giving customers on demand access for emergencies, or quickly needed service, all saving them money. Payments are through the application or Website, the service provider will be paid when both parties are ready to make the final step. In App conversations make it incredibly easy to connect with new customers or tradesman and safe. What is another great bonus to NuLimit? No more late payments, or anyone skipping town on the other party, we ensure quality results, in a timely manner, all while Representing NuLimit Contractors. We will be the largest contracting company in the Nation, also keeping the company a family. Providing the service is just the icing on top of the cake, I want to show the Representatives of NuLimits that I am no Boss, nor in this business to be that. I want to show I care and connect with them on personal levels. With loyal and profitable Providers they will receive many bonuses not including just cash. This is not just a business but a new upcoming family partnership, where we take care of our people at NuLimit Contractors

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development