Find, create and access hundreds of joint promotional campaigns

Looking for: Biz developer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager
UPDATE: MVP built but not yet launched. I'd like to find a founder to help test the platform to work out the bugs and help create a marketing strategy for launch and beyond.


The marketplace for small online businesses is crowded now more than ever.
My solution is a web platform where small businesses can team up to leverage each other's networks. Online retailers, niche bloggers, content creators and non-profits can find each other to create cooperative marketing opportunities with a focus on cross-promotional campaigns.
The marketplace for small online businesses is crowded now more than ever.
Online marketing is a beast
It is especially difficult for new online businesses to get real traffic and reach a relevant audience.
The Google Dream
Even with all the SEO tips and tricks, its really difficult for small businesses to get ranked well on search.
Paid Advertising’s Fraud Problem
Ad networks knowingly sell bot traffic. Half of paid online display advertisements have never appeared in front of live human beings.
"All the technology flooding the industry promising perfect targeting perfection can't even deliver real human audiences..." (source:
The web platform will connect complementary businesses together to super-charge their marketing efforts through joint marketing. With this solution, small businesses could find the right partnerships, create cooperative groups and manage multiple cross-promotional campaigns.
Cross-promotional strategies include: product giveaways, coordinated events, social media contests, high-value recommendations, mutual customer discounts,  free advertising and more. 
Our participating members will include: online retailers, Etsy sellers, Instagram promoters, niche bloggers, YouTube producers, mompreneurs, content publishers and non-profit organizations.  
Member Benefits:
Access Partners
-Search and Connect with Joint Marketing Partners
Access Partner Groups
-Join Partner Groups
-Create Partner Groups
-Search Partner Groups
Access Campaigns
-Join Hosted Campaigns
-Create Campaigns
-Search Open Campaigns

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development