Commercial property strategies

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer, Other
Flipping homes? Highly competitive. Developing strategic high rent commercial property locations? Expensive... UNLESS you have what I have :) I've developed a system to produce EVERYTHING needed (including furniture) to create lush luxurious surroundings for business. Themed presentation or board rooms (think old-world roman limestone) or ultra-chik welcome rooms COMPLETE with customized logo for the leased business are unbelievably low cost to complete.

With filled leases, place the 3X higher valued property for sale.

Because I've developed the system from raw materials and have developed a massive toolchest of techniques, a wide variety of high-end environments can be created specifically for the leasee. However, focusing on renovation of undervalued commercial locations and maximizing value creates a completely niche opportunity.

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