Co-founder - CTO / Technical Director needed for music start up

Looking for: Designer, Developer
Seeking Technical Director

We are a new start-up, about to launch, and are looking for a partner who will be dedicated and technically inventive. We are looking for someone motivated to take on a challenge and be part of an interesting and innovative new business.

Bandladder – About Us

Bandladder is a music web startup based out of London, UK. Bandladder is set to redefine the way the music industry by increasing the interaction between independent artist, fans and record professionals.

Our design philosophy is to keep it simple and keep it clean. Our goal will be to take our customers quickly and effortlessly to where they want to go and show them the details they want in an engaging, informative and fun way.

What We Offer You

What is offered is the opportunity to be part of something great. If we did not believe that what we were building was going to make a massive difference, we would not be sending out this invite.
You will be the technical director and lead engineer. You will make all the decisions related to the architecture and development of the site. Furthermore, you will challenge yourself to create the go-live site within an agreed time-frame.

This position comes with the opportunity to receive an equity stake in the start up. You will be free to work from wherever you feel most creative. As a team, we will agree to and then deliver on our commitments, each respecting and understanding our individual responsibility. There will be a need to have regular face-to-face meetings to develop ideas and strategies and review progress.

This is a fantastic opportunity to define the technical and business strategy of a company set to change an industry.

Additional Info