Cloud-based digital signage platform with linux based hardware

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer
I have developed a digital signage platform that has a cloud editor and uses Linux based hardware devices. 
This platform has a prototype running and is currently in closed beta. There are additional features that still need to be developed and tested, however largely the core product is working well. 

The product at the current time does not even have a name and before it can be a publicly available product will need further development, particularly in regards to a payment portal, security and pen testing, branding and upgrading of cloud hosting. Long term the product offers to income streams: hardware sales and monthly cloud-subscription. 

I am based in regional Australia, so have limited capacity to obtain skilled persons to join me, and so an offer is open to anyone from around the world to join me. I am an all rounder and have previously tended to work solo, however i believe this platform can scale globally and that there is demand for this platform (especially in Australia) and can financially be lucrative. I can fund the business at the current time, and am interested in people to join for equity share, although I can pay salary upon negotiation (although that isn't really then a co-founder). 

particularity I am after:
Biz Dev
Java Developer(s)
General Assistant(s)
Advisers with relevant experience are also welcome to contact me.

Access to platform can be granted immediately to those who message me to have a look. I don't to include it here as the current hosting simply isn't built to sustain the kind of attention that might stir up!


Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: closed beta