Cloud Based CRM for the Automotive Sales Industry

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer, Other
I have 17 years experience in the Automotive Sales industry and have built many solid relationships with franchise dealers and independent dealers along the way I have started a company consulting for Automotive dealers and one thing all my dealers say they could use and would invest monthly in is a quality CRM built specifically for the automotive industry therefore I'm looking for a partner/cofounder to build this CRM   
This is going to be a highly profitable venture with monthly subscription that will be renewed monthly for years and years by these dealers I have some sales reps and some dealers ready to implement this CRM as soon as it's completed some dealers have expressed to me that they will pay upfront for the first year others want to pay monthly and quarterly please let me now of you would be interested in joining me in this exciting profitable venture I promise you you won't regret this he is a breakdown of what I'm looking for in the person/company that is interested in this joint venture and also the softwate:
I also have a company that would be interested in adding this CRM software to there software package that over 150 Dealers already use and that would sign up for our monthly CRM services which could make this a very quick a profitable rollout when the software is finished.
The person/company 
Should be able to build the CRM and implement new updates and technical updates due to bugs etc....

I will handle all the sales and the sales team as well as developing new contacts to sell the CRM to as well as the dealers I have lined up 

I want to work hand in hand with the person/company that's joins this venture to discuss designs and features that the automotive industry needs in the CRM 

Will discuss more with interested parties

The software:

Needs to be cloud based 

Needs to be easy to function for non technical people that may be using it ...  user friendly 

Needs to be scalable because this is going to be huge in the US

Needs to be able to get started ASAP I have dealers waiting for this.

I have an outline of specific features and abilities the CRM needs to have and be able to perform
I will go over these in email or over Skype with interested parties. Please respond only if your seriously interested Once your respond we can set up a time to Skype and go over details

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea