Clexx a web based integration platform for small businesses accounting and CRM software

Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer

Clexx is short for Cloud Exchange and represents a company that focuses business intelligence for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small and medium size businesses.

We are providing a platform that allows you to link your third party accounting and CRM applications that you are using in one place and connect with other businesses that use those services. In short that means that you won’t have to login to 3 different service applications to manage your accounting, finances and customer accounts. You can simply link your applications to Clexx through the easy to use User-Interface and manage all applications from our service platform as a complete business software suite.  Clexx offers a unique business to business feature called “Clexx B2B”, that allows you to securely contact and advertise your services directly to other users that use cloud applications like you. Clexx B2B is a unique feature in the cloud application sphere that gives you the ability to actively attract new customers or find new business opportunities. Affordable marketing that will influence your businesses performance by advertising products or services to already interested customers through Clexx B2B. You will receive offers, bids and proposals from other businesses on products or services you are planning to purchase at the best possible price and reduce your operating cost and outlays. Clexx is a unique way to find and generate business leads that you can transform into new customers, since the business you will find on Clexx B2B are already looking for products, they just haven’t decided which provider or vendor they will use. All this is happening while you are securely linked to your accounting and CRM software to monitor and manage your businesses financial and customer performance. Let’s grow together

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea