Chaning the way Australians find builders and tradies

Looking for: Developer is a new website which aims to help Australians find builders and tradies.

Currently if people need a tradesmen, builder or other building service professional they use the Yellow Pages, Google or classified websites such as Gumtree. The problem with these sources is that you never know if you are paying too much or what the quality of the workmanship is like. On the other side if you are a tradesmen or builder you often need to spend a lot of money to advertise and gain prospective clients and this is not always garneted. works by using a reverse auction similar to People post jobs that they need done and tradies and builders bid on the job with their quotes. The best tradey is then chosen based on the price and the feedback received from previous jobs.

The first stage of the site is nearing completion and will be going through beta testing shortly before officially launching in mid March 2012.

Once the site is officially launched we will be working on the next stages of the site which will add several features such as google map integration as well as fine tuning the site. The eventual aim is to expand from Builders and Tradesmen to other service industries such as marketing, media etc.

We are currently seeking funding for our advertising campaign which will include Google adwords and Facebook ads, newspapers and local medias and viral campaigns.

We are after an experienced website developer who can come aboard and help us shape the site into something great! 

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