Change the internet forever. Need connections.

Looking for: Biz developer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Sales person
As a developer who often uses Secure Shell, I always have an RSA key set up so I never have to type in a username/password to access my servers. A friend asked me if something like that was possible for web logins and that's when I began brainstorming this idea. 
My general idea is this: The user registers an email address with a login server. The server provides an authentication token which the user can save on their computer/USB drive/device. When the user reaches the server's login screen, the server sends a challenge. The response is generated through a desktop application, browser addon, and/or Bluetooth device. The server verifies the response and grants the user access. 
The project has limited monetary gains, as it will likely have to be open source. However, there is a great chance of profit from expansions of the service like USB drives and browser add-ons, as well as, Kickstarter campaigns. 
I have already developed a basic prototype of the idea that proves it will work securely. What I need is a partner with connections that can get one big company on board with this service and I believe it can change the internet forever. 
If you are interested in this project, please contact me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thank you for your time. 

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development