Expert Advisor to Hedge Fund

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Using remote viewing and its sister methods our private fund aspires to provide a 75% accuracy rate in the prediction of near-term financial markets. You will be our private fund’s business advisor to help us scale up smoothly. Your long expertise and great reputation in financial investments are paramount. You must have 20 years as a financial industry expert AND as an advisor to 10-figure funds.

Our extensive research hasn’t found any other company with a similar charter applying methods like ours, or with our team’s experience in any country. Depending on whom you listen to, we’ve heard and seen that annual, gross commodity, equity or ETF ROIs between 80% and 100% are do-able. The private fund with which you’ll work is in its second iteration within the same legal charter. The first iteration successfully used remote viewing to forecast the motions of an SPY index.

Our first proprietary methods showed they could produce around 69% gross annual ROI. Thus a 100% annual ROI is our target baseline in the equities & commodities division of our private fund. Within our company it’s my desire to fund US$32M AUM or more with our special methods.

You’ll be compensated with a portion of the ROI generated from the fund's performance incentives. This is neither a salaried nor a staff position.

My co-founder is a seasoned, expert investments manager from a mid-10 figure, Seed to Series A fund who also handles operations and compliance. Via a different company I own (100%) I am the fund's general partner.

You are fluent in English, as is a native speaker. You don’t have a desire to show that you’re the smartest person in the room. You instead have a desire to bring your own special fund business expertise to collaborations with us, and we have the desire to recognize you and compensate you for your expertise.

Now, please let me know your answers to these questions below?

1. What is the single most scientifically-inexplicable event of your life?

2. What do you feel and see about that event?

Thank you. I’ve heard most every imaginable sort of answer. This is not the time to be fearful, shy, terse or laconic. Please communicate clearly and fully about your answers. Lots of thoughtfully expressed words and/or concepts are a very good thing in this case.

Our teams have both seen and done lots of things which seemed impossible. But because they seemed impossible it didn’t prevent us from both doing and repeating them.

Your answers will be held confidential within my team. Your inquiry will receive a reply only after you provide your first answers to them. Resumes without a cover letter including your answers will not receive a response.

As a team leader I’ve a record of careers in succeeding at fabulous, high-minded team projects at which others had failed. Sometimes others were simply afraid to start because of misperceptions and inexperience. My favorite collaborators, advisors and I notice trends and people coming, as well as where we’ve been as a species on the planet. I'm known for my direct style of communications. I'm not shy. I prefer to navigate with integrity as a compass.

I’m founder or co-founder of other successful projects and companies:

~ My company is discussed in the scientific book, The Premonition Code, in the context of financial markets (

~ I co-founded the company which is now preventing the extinction of California Desert tortoises in their home range ( after 40 years of emotional hand-waving by people who grok extinction including biologists and conservationists.

~ I co-founded a publishing company of animation art and its marketing, which had one of only two Warner Bros.® licenses during its time. We were licensed by the daughter of a famous Warner Bros. ® animator and director (

~ My Soul Rider team revived and coordinated a decades-dead forensic archaeological project which spans two continents, whose subject is a household name in educated countries.

~ I’d had my own worldwide talk magazine and weekly reporting on a network with 100K listeners daily and I’ve been heard in 108 countries ( I’m readying the next one which will be equally philanthropic.

~ I provide pro bono direction to the 24 year-old nonprofit, INSIGHT in the expansion of its digital programs which preserve heritage antiquities on the African and European continents (

I've around 8K hours in meditation practice behind me. I've allowed two separate neuroscientists to record and review my qEEGs with very pleasantly surprising results.

What I’m doing with my portion of the fund’s profits? I’ll endow my second, worldwide talk magazine for 2020. Sponsors and advertisers are thus unnecessary.

Please have a look at my company’s web page, Would you like to talk? Or maybe if you're not the advisor-type, you’ll know who is and tell us?

Please extend your hand and send me how experience and record look, and your replies to the two questions above? Thanks very much for your attention and blessings to your success!

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