Expert Adviser to Hedge Fund: an Analyst, or CFO, or Manager

Looking for: Advisor, Other

Our new hedge fund has 2+ years of results showing it could consistently deliver 90% to 215% annual IRRs, already being verified by two different financial pros. September 2018 is our desired launch month. We seek a new adviser-expert in hedge funds who will not be our trader, but who's instead a wizard or wizardess with projections, financial forecasting, company budgeting and spreadsheets. We're launching with especially significant AUM, and would like to quickly scale into eight figures. The fund is private. It is not marketed.

You've already been a fund analyst, or CFO, or accountant, or manager, or trader  -- or any mix of those roles. For 4 to 9 monthly hours of your time you'll be paid as an adviser via a percentage of the fund's returns. Anticipated earnings for you are in the low- to mid-five figures for the first months or year: after that period it's likely you could earn double or even triple those amounts. For real.

You'll round-out our team and be the only person in your role. You'll bring additional, objective, third-party credibility to the numbers which underlie our rigorously scientific forecasting methods. You will be among other experts people get in touch with to verify our astounding numbers and methods. You must be especially articulate and intelligible in both your spoken and written English.

The fund already has other experts based in the U.S. including legal counsel, CPAs, and third-party administrators. I would prefer someone in this advisor's role who could manage this fund for me within two years' time. I’m its founder. But being able to run it is not obligatory. Yet with whomever we come to an accord, they’ll first start by advising us while we get to know each other. You can live any place on the planet. Preference will be given to those candidates who already appreciate and observe U.S. financial laws.

By September 10th we need your expertise in fund financial modeling and forecasting wizardry, from your 7+ years of *solid* experience working with hedge funds and other financial portfolio analysis or management. If your background doesn't make you the right candidate, you could also refer someone you know who does have the right background and receive a referral fee when they come aboard.

You, I (and everyone) deserve to be excited about, and happily and regularly surprised about what we do. Among other resoundingly-scientifical methods ours include remote viewing. We are discussed in The Premonition Code, the upcoming, October 2018 mass-market paperback co-authored by a research scientist. Our published, renowned scientific advisors, our legal counsel, and leading lights in our fields tell us they've never heard about or seen a company like ours with its specific and proprietary approaches.

If you're new to the field of remote viewing, it's unlikely you'll quickly find anything on the web about it which is worthwhile, scientific and unbiased. You could ask me about this. Wikipedia is studiously unscientific and destructively-biased. True science is not for everyone, and we never expect it will be.

Our company doesn't have a giant web presence and we prefer it that way. But at the same time, since it’s to our mutual advantage to have you as an advisor, we prefer that you love the idea of posting your advisor’s bio among our other leaders at

You will be signing a mutual nondisclosure agreement. You will also be asked a question similar to this one: "Please share the single most scientifically-inexplicable experience of your life", and be forthcoming. You must have a complete, especially professional LinkedIn page as well as a complete, especially professional web page discussing your professional activities and accomplishments.

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