Business Developer Needed for Boxing Podcast

Looking for: Biz developer, Product manager, Sales person

We are a small but relatively successful boxing podcast. Over a year or so we established ourselves with a decent following and a number of good contacts around the Delaware valley. 

Recently due to health and family issues we took a step back. In comes our problem, the podcast and everything we do isn't a job. That makes it a bit fragile  Why? Simply put neither of us really understand what to do to turn our hobby into a business. We've dabbled in a few things and bounced some ideas around but nothing has really crystallized. 

That's why we're looking for a business developer. Someone who can help focus our efforts into a legitimate business plan. 

What do we have?  

A decent following on Facebook. 

Plenty of contacts with fighters, gyms, and top promoters in the Delaware valley.   This would be easy for us to expand into new York and the Baltimore/DC area quickly as we already have some connections there. 

Amazing technical skills. I run a software company with experience in plenty of stacks and technologies. As our relationship with you grows we can tell you about some of these ideas that while cool, didn't result in a business plan. 

Great networking skills. My partner is great at getting close to promoters. Our strategy has always been to make the fighters look good. 

Ability to cover events from New York to Washington. If we had a real business plan we can easily expand that. 

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. 


Additional Info