Business analytics, help convert consumer profiles into a virtual currency

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Are you tired of being data mined and others making money of your information profile and from your consumer behavior? Hotzing makes connections of necessity in a social network to power its hyper local analytics, and we turn this into the most affordable tool ever designed to track consumer behavior for small to medium sized businesses. This works because we empower the user with full control over their own profile data, something never before done, and we let them bank that data to earn rewards for it. If bank credit cards and American Express pay points for using their card, and if these points are paid by a single interest point added to each transaction, this is out of your pocket? Why not get real points not from your own pocket but from advertisements we send to your profile, and from a profile that is based on timely information you bank into our secure system using the most advanced block chain encryption? For the first time we have a service that benefits the consumer and the small business.

As for small businesses, they now have access to the analytics of not just their client's data (minus personal contact information), but the analytics from other businesses in the same market. These analytics are all gathered as consumers download the app. Our app automatically manages and banks their own consumer profile as they enter partner stores. With our technology in businesses, and a virtual currency backed by 50% of all add revenue, we pay users for their own data and we let small business market to that data without giving away any personal consumer information.

It gets even more disruptive from here, but we prefer to hold out and reveal everything to our wonderful sponsors. Just imagine if you could reverse the nature of search engines. Rather than you search through an engine, why not let the engine search you, but only those aspects you bank in your profile. If you are looking for kayak rentals in Glacier National Park, plug that into your profile and you will get Kayak rentals and not a big box store wanting to sell you a Kayak. It is time to take our data back. It is time to declare our Independence and get paid for it.

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