Business analytics for custom manufacturers using mobile/web app.

Looking for: Marketer, Sales person
In April 2013 the owner of a custom art and frame shop requested that I build a system that uses smartphones as intelligent barcode readers and which coordinates with a central website.  The system would allow each worker to accuately track parts and labor that goes into building each project that moves through the shop.  I have spent the last year building this system and it is ready to deploy in production at the inital customer's site and begin generating revenue.

The business will have real-time analytics so that the shop manager could walk through the shop with a tablet computer and see which project each employee is working on, which tasks are on time or late, which projects are blocked, etc. 

Over time, the business will build up a wealth of analytics that would allow it to determine if pricing needs to be adjusted for specific SKUs, how employee performance compares with others, etc.  The system also functions as a time & attendance system. 

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