Bunker handles everything for Freelancers from proposals to invoices

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Marketer
I launched Bunker in late 2011 and it got some media coverage back then. I would like to revive the product. This is a crowded market for sure, but that also mean that there's place for competitor with different approach.

Bunker is not only a project management nor simply a time tracking nor invoicing software. It is all that, but it would need some work to re-established itself.

I think that an all-in-one app can have some success, even with all the SaaS integration and app like Zapier, a complete tool that would take a freelance / small business project from start to finish is quicker and simpler than having 4 different SaaS to do the job.

There's currently ~3k users, most of them are not active anymore. I cancelled the handful of paid subscribers until I'm certain what is the future of the product.  

The product has been featured in LifeHacker, got a deal at AppSumo, etc.

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