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The Power of Multidimensional Information Organization for Visual Thinkers.

With BulletinCloud you're never more than a few seconds away from any piece of digital information. Web pages, documents, images, notes... From people and projects to ideas and task lists, it's all there in an instant. BulletinCloud moves beyond linear folders and lists, letting you create a network of information organized the way you think about it. You don't have to force any idea or project into a single folder. In addition to getting the detail you need, by seeing how your information fits into everything else, you gain a sense of control, an immediate visual briefing.


There are a wide range of information management tools that can help you get organized. Even just creating a folder of all key documents and web links is helpful for any project or research. However, the problem with your computer’s folder structures is that they are very linear and incapable of representing your multidimensional thought process. Being able to grow a multidimensional graphical database of information is unique to BulletinCloud.


The name of the company came from a description of how a Bulletin Board works. You come up with a topic (or category) and add items to each topic (category) posted. What is new, is the ability to now add topics to the sub-topics just added, all electronically so that it is easy to retrieve by anyone from anywhere.

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