Building the Email Follow Up Gold Standard

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
Have you ever met someone and sent them a follow up email yet they still never replied? It happens all of the time and not because your recipients aren't interested in what you have to say - they are simply busy. You are being courteous by following up. As Derek Sivers states, "Persistence is Polite".

PolitePersistence is for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and business developers who are dissatisfied with current follow up reminder solutions. Our patent pending product is a personalized, scalable and automated follow up email service (built for Gmail) that provides the ability to customize and compose all of your follow up messages, per recipient, from the same compose screen. Unlike our competitors, we have assembled a way to never have to set another follow up reminder ever again.

I've been working with an outside development company and a few virtual assistants to get us to about 750 interested individuals. We currently have 250 of them qualified as alpha users. Interested to take this to the next level with a dedicated developer located within the NYC area.

Let me know if you would like a link to the Private Alpha site.  

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