BuckShot USA, the Next Castle Rock

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer

Buckshot, USA is a small southern town full of secrets and mysteries, from the ring of ash around the town that never gets wet, cover with leaves, snow or dirt. Anyone standing on the layer tend to step off quickly. Or the greenish glow under one of the many town outhouses. Old Missy Lou, the head of the historical society always puts up a fuss anytime anyone even mentions tearing down the outhouses. Which for some reason never seem to stink or overflow.

The only way in and out-of-town is Old Snake road was barely more than a tractor trail with delusions of grandeur. What state it’s in no one knows, people who have seen the city limits of Buckshot say it’s all over the south, as far north as VA and as far south as the bayou’s of LA. With a rickety old bridge on either side of town crossing over the ring of ash, all sorts of technology tends to fail if it touches that ring. Most of the people have been born, raised, married and buried without ever leaving town, right along with their forefathers. Sure Buckshot has visitors and newcomers, but for various reasons they never seem to stay long. Townfolks say its cause the “Roadies” , visitors or newcomers, don’t understand how good their town can be, the “Roadies” always look at the bad or the strange like Mr. Major Duroc who looks like an upright pig, but everyone knows it’s because of the brutal conditions of the factory he worked in up North.

In town is plenty of places and things to do from shopping at Chung Lee’s Grocery, Maybell’s Curio’s and Collectables, Shady’s Pool Hall, Smith and Smith Tires, Old Hang Em High Park and many other attractions.

I am looking writers, artists and others to help me build flesh out this town and make it the new Castle Rock of Creepshow, Twlight Zone and Outer Limits type horror.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea