Brining online fashion to the next level

Looking for: Developer, Marketer, Sales person
The idea is simple: most people  like shopping for new clothes because it brings them excitement. While it is certainly enjoyable for most to go to the websites or brick-and-mortar stores they know best, it often leaves them unsatisfied because it lacks the unknown thrill of finding new places, new deals, and new styles of clothing.

What this idea will accomplish is to connect shoppers with various large and small retailers alike. After creating a profile of one's favorite brands, styles, and individual shoppers (people whose style you like), one will wander through the internet finding online retailers who "match" that style. In function, it will act much like stumbleupon, but it will be focused at the fashion niche.

This is a unique idea because nothing like it exists. It will attract large retailers that want to expand their customer base, but it will also be appealing to smaller chains of online retailers that are trying to make their company known. A percentage of each connected sale will be paid to our company, and companies can also pay to show up more often. Most important, it will attract the millions of consumers who have lost the thrill of shopping or are simply looking for a unqiue way to find new trends and styles.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea