Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
Here is the video that explains it all better than words:
What parents won't be happier seeing their child eating and enjoying a healthier meal not only at home, but at school? How many parents wish their kids would eat better that what's in a cafeteria, but totally have no time to cook a well balanced meals for kids to take with them? - We will create an online platform where parents can customize their kids meals and get it ready before school. Result? - More quality time - Less prepping time, Healthier Children, Happier Parents.

By offering a platform for Cooks and Patents to achieve a mutual goal by providing a healthier, more nutritious, home-made lunches for children in each community and saving time for overwhelmed parents. The site would allow to create a custom menu for the child with specific Likes and Non-Likes and Allergies, customize menu for each day. Offer an opportunity to earn extra income for people who love cooking and have extra time on their hands. Donate meals to kids in need and improve a quality of foods in schools.

We are currently working on FUNDING.. putting in our sweat in... Looking for few more brilliant minds who would be interested to jump on board. We need a technical force (php, interface guys).

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