Bomb for tech people

Looking for: Biz developer

The idea is to help other developers and teams find projects that they find interesting.

I see app used by individuals and teams, idea owners, developers, designers, marketers and other people who would like to work on solving real-world problems.

This way, everyone could find someone who would like to discuss, improve or work with them on their project.If somebody in team decides to leave a project, project manager could find a substitute.

The first point here is that platform should provide a way to gather people who want to work on same project.

Well there are many platforms that provide this: Founder2Be, Ideaswatch, Freelancing websites etc, and this is where their point ends.


The second point is just as important as first, if not more.

What If there is a platform where they could pursue their project.Platform where everything is in the same place and easy to set up.

Communication, tasking, and time management are huge.If we hit this three major points we improve collaboration a lot.We minimize distractions and have people do real work so they progress a lot faster.

There are a lot of ideas on how we can improve those 3 crucial things for success.

I'm front end developer and I'm capable of switching technologies to accomplish what needs to be done.
If you are developer, business guy, designer, maybe you want to co-found this idea or you'd like to somehow help this project message me.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: full time (40h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development