Bollts: Simple. Structured. Meaningful Messages.

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Bollts makes it easy to condense your message, without diluting its impact. We see thousands of messages every day, but restrictive character counts and click-bait articles limit the level of quality. You shouldn't have to sift through long-form articles to find meaningful content. Now, simple prompts help structure your thoughts, getting down to the nuts and bolts and maintaining your core message. Include links, images and embed video as evidence. Then publish and share your bollt with your favorite social networks and on Bollts' online community. Simple. Structured. Meaningful Messages.

We're eager to partner with a person who shares our vision that, "it's possible to say something meaningful while keeping your message short." Helping people effectively organize their thoughts into simple, meaningful, messages will revolutionize what they communicate through social media and amplify their voice, which is our ultimate goal. A co-founder who believes in the power of that, as we do, is a partner we can't wait to meet!

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