Bluetooth Key Chain connected to Mobile app which helps to find keys within seconds.

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Hi all,
I am working to make a luxury looking Bluetooth crystal key chains which are attached to mobile app and helps to find the lost key immediately within few seconds through mobile app which will give a ring and flash light in key ring (Even helping deaf, blind and old people with low eyesight or other hearing problems). "So No more frustration of loosing keys when one is in rush to leave home"
Flash on key chain will help to get all (Adjustable) notifications of your mobile and along with many other features controlled by mobile app will help in bringing it to be more than just a key chain. Also Luxury crystal designs along with the solution to this basic problem will help to sell this product to majority and leading to more innovations in future 

So, I will be very happy to meet Bluetooth wireless technology engineer, IOS, Android App developer or with related project knowledge/experience personels for this very interesting and basic problem solving project for people of all age.  

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea