Bitcoin Champagne Currency Exchange

Looking for: Marketer, Sales person

We have 30-years of global corporate experience that we wish to bring to the Bitcoin market.

Our areas of expertise include: project management; banking; finance; government; accounting.

Up until now, bitcoin companies have been run by "kids" who do not understand that they are working with other people's money.

To "kids" - working with other people's money is nothing but a "game."

As "adults" with 30 plus years expertise in working with other people's money, we know - for a fact - this is NOT a game.

Our goal is to create a global (completely anonymous-totally secure) Bitcoin Exchange that gives:

• "value-for-the-dollar"

• "the lowest possible prices for currency exchange"

• "total data security"

• "availability world wide"

• "access to standard vendors" (such as paypal, okpay, western union, banks).

Giving the lowest possible prices for services, while making up profits with volume transactions, all run by "adults" who know how to run a business like a business.

Our primary goal is to immediately join with the BRICs banking system, as well as the new Russian SWIFT system.

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