BIM software for 3d CAD users like architects or builders

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Developer, Engineer, Product manager, Other
I am in the process of creating a web based program that will allow people designing in 3d CAD programs (Sketchup, Autocad, Rhino) to report data from attributes entered by the user. It will allow Architects, Designers, and Makers that complete a 3d drawing to print documents of all the data needed to manage the project from estimating the cost to ordering the materials.
I have been working on a prototype with a development company and we have a lot of the details figured out. The design and flow of the program are based on my approach to building custom work for close to 20 years. 
I am looking for help to move my business plan forward. I am only looking for funding as a form of commitment to the goal of making this idea a marketable product. Otherwise funding is available.
My strength is in the design of the program and the market it will be used for which has brought me this far. There is still a ways to go.

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