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 We are India’s first online teaching websites that facilitates students to select teacher of their choice for their specific topic/subject at their convenient time We are a team of young and highly motivated IITians who aims to organize the otherwise fragmented tutorial services in India.

What is the motivation?

In the age of Internet where the country is converging towards online platform, we felt a strong need for online education to provide equal opportunity to everyone. At present there is no online platform that addresses the following needs:-

1.       Strong online presence in the teaching space.

2.       Select teacher of your choice based on his ratings, experience, qualifications, and reviews.

3.       An option to select one particular topic instead of full course curriculum.

4.       Liberty of getting taught at your convenient time which is flexible as per your convenience.

5.       One –to-one mentorship service at your door step. No need to travel long distances in metros and move to different cities for students in small town.

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