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BEHIND IT Magazine© is an internationally distributed editorial celebrating the real life stories of up and coming artists, designers and film makers.

One platform to introduce new personalities, entrepreneurs and talented artists as outstanding directors, remarkable designers, top models and successful people into the film & fashion industries. 

The life experience through the art. BEHIND IT Magazine show highlights of successful film productions and celebrates the intriguing process of their creations.

Our Facebook community has already started to grow. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of our new publications. Upcoming brands and creative publishers are welcome to be part of BEHIND IT Magazine through the online platform & next printed Issues. We love figure out about talented people.

All material posted on BEHIND IT Magazine, is produced for our own team of designers, publishers and brands associated. The magazine is a worldwide publication with a strong market aperture in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Milan, Berlin & London as main locations. We're currently working on our next issues. If you would like to submit, don't hesitate to send us all your comments, suggestions & submit your artworks.

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