BARTERMILL - a trading platform and project management system for small business

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Bartermill is the trade platform for entrepreneurs and small business. You can sell goods or services, make barter deals and hold tenders. Our comfortable tools for deals, order process, contacts management tools and deals' scheduler allow you to make your business easier and give you more free times. The business rating help you make right choice new partners and create own business reputation. Teamwork's tools give you possibility work in a team.

Do not give up start of your own business if you do not have a start-up capital - you can use barter transactions on Bartermill.

Bartermill is built around goods and services. It is according to an easy entrepreneur's logic: "I need a supplier of goods or services"; "I need a buyer for my goods or service". An entrepreneur always well know what he needs, but often does not know whom he needs to do that. Bartermill give the answers to both questions, where I can find and who is a person who I need.

Many entrepreneurs lose control on their business caused by complication growth of case management. Entrepreneurs try to keep under control by themselves relies on own memory and notes. However, eventually memory let them down, notes lost or messed up. We are developing easy for use and inexpensive CRM/ERP system for small business, which allows keeping their business up to date.

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