Need partner for "Bamboo Power Box"-Innovative portable solar charger fully designed from bamboo

Looking for: Biz developer
Hi all,I am Pradeep the creator of Bamboo Power Box-A portable solar power generator fully designed from bamboo.Please check my product website for more details about the product.

Currently I am located in India,and selling my product in local market only.But I have received a number of product inquiries from all over the world,especially from Europe,USA and Autsralia.And I believe my product have a great demand in these areas than that in India.So I am looking for some new business opportunities from overseas countries

I am planning to relocate to Europe or USA and looking for some one or a startup or a team they are interested in my product.

I am confident about my technical side and have strong industry connections in India and China,so have enough resources for bulk manufacturing.And I am looking for a co-founder with investment capability and also some business development skills.My co-founder can be single person,multiple persons or a startup/company.

I have a few similar product ideas and I think these products are best fit for the markets in developed countries than the developing country markets.That is why I am planning a move to Europe,USA or Australia.

If you would like to know more about me ,you can check my LinkedIn here

Looking forward to hearing from you

Kind regards,

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