Auto Service App

Looking for: Developer
On your way to work, school, or a nice family vacation and your car breaks down. You're stuck on the side of the road. You could always Google the closest mechanic but if this isn't your regular repair shop they know nothing about your car. This is where my auto app comes in handy.

Not only does this app use GPS to find the nearest auto repair shops but it allows you to see their reviews, contact information, and current deals on services. Need car service but it's not an emergency? No problem! We are able to help you scout for the best deals on oil changes, brakes service, alignments, and more. Just type in the service you need and the furthest distance in miles you are willing to travel and we compare the prices for you. This app will also keep records of maintenance and repairs, notify you when the repair is done if you are not at the shop, allow you to schedule appointments, and keep up with your warranties for you.

Where do we make money on this?
The big names in the auto industry are itching for an edge over their competitors. While going directly to the manufacturer seems like a good idea when you need repairs done for your vehicle, most vehicle owners choose not to because of misconceptions on the cost of going to a dealership. The major manufacturers are very aware of this trend and are looking for a way to beat it. From my experience, if the manufacturer likes a product, they have no problem with pushing their dealerships to add it to their processes.  Dealerships would pay for our software and continued support. In return we would allow them to add their dealership to our app and post contact information, specials, rates, and more. Digital marketing has really taken off in the automotive industry, but with the growing amount of mobile users, many of their websites are not useful and won't allow simple functions like scheduling appointments. Let's revolutionize this industry!

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea