At your door when you need me most

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—Create a brand “At your door when you need me mostthat speaks of reliability and accessibility in Facilities Management services.
—Under single umbrella household services and provide ‘One stop’ shop experience to our customers is the goal.
—Maintain a pool of workmen ready to be deployed at customer sites.
—Create a mind-share for the brand (like..."Intel Inside)
Problem statement -
—People’s lack of easy access to utility/’Handy’ men in times of need.
—Service refusal, usually termed as ‘small’ work.
—Modern life style does not provide time to go searching for the service man.
—Senior citizens staying alone find it difficult to get someone when they require a service.
—Trust & Safety
—Poorly skilled workers in the market
—Provide dignity to semi-skilled workers.
Why Mr.FixIT
—Objective of MrFixIt is to serve people, and not refuse work ‘small’ or Big.
—Provide all types of house-hold maintenance service, and provide the ‘one stop’ shop experience.
—Provide end to end service starting with registering for a service request until completion of the service.
—Remain accountable for the credentials of the service men.
—Service men are background checked before they are associated with MrFixIt to ensure the safety & security of customer.
—Accountability ensures complete customer satisfaction.
—With MrFixIT, customer is in control whether he wants to use the service.
—Unlike directory services MrFixIt does not exchange customer information to other potential service providers.Tecj
Technology features (Future releases)
      Quality & security features
••Allow chat service features to  log /track service request at the portal.
••Send sms of service request ID, service man’s ID , mobile number, estimated time of service to customer.
••Allow customers to verify identity of service men visiting them, on  the portal based on employee ID of service man.
••Electronic job cards.
••Payment mode through hand held devices.
••Print check list of task execution and completion
High end features
••Customers designing/painting their rooms. (Play around in the 3-D virtual world)
••Locate nearest service man (Electrical; Plumber; carpenter)
••Reduce resolution time by letting customers upload images of problems.
••Questionnaire based quotations.
••What-if analysis to customers for transparency in costs, provide ball-park estimates
••Automated reminders for periodic servicing of equipment's. (e.g: AC maintenance; House keeping; Tank cleaning)
••Online based retailing of H/w tools, bathroom fittings, electrical fittings, etc.
••Develop alliances with brand names for authorized servicing center.
Use of analytics tools for predictive modelling of customers spending behavior. Target appropriate servicing campaign

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