An online ticket platform that will change how people interact in the social world.

Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Sales person, Other

WTM? Social is a website that gives the public access to user-submitted events, photos, videos, music, and entertainment news. Letting users take part in sharing content will create a growing library of content that will define itself as a flourishing community of event-seekers and event-creators. This idea is being pursued because it is a step ahead from what is currently in market in that it allows wtmsocial's users to do more than what any other event-listing website can offer by allowing all event creators to sell tickets absolutely free, without compromising the company's revenue potential. This product is highly scalable, and I hope to move beyond NYC. I ultimately look to create financial ease to both the event-seekers, and those that create and promote the events.
WTM? adds more value and substance to the already popular event-listing online platform. We allow users to post their own events, make money and share media that can spark more attention to them or their cause, creating a viral effect. 
I am looking for co-founders that will compliment my skill sets and help me develop the platform and ultimately turn this startup into a successful business. One co-founder will have skills in programming and web development, another would be a markerter who is also skilled in sales.

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