An online marketplace for residential & commercial customers to shop for their energy supply

Looking for: Designer, Developer

The retail energy industry (gas & power) is a $100 billion dollar industry. There are 22 states in the USA that have deregulated energy structures and over twenty percent of the U.S. market is now on retail electricity supply. That number is expected to grow by 2% per year. Today more than 60 million customers currently buy their electricity & gas from suppliers other than their utility.  

I’m looking for a co-founder to help me create a business & website that will enable residential & commercial customers to shop for their energy supply quickly & easily and take a large bite out of that $100 billion dollar pie. is a major player in this space and has raised over $24M in VC funding in the last 3 years, and they are growing extremely fast. The sector is filled with local/regional consultants & brokers who compete with but there really isn’t another major competitor in the marketplace.


I am an energy professional with more than 8 years in the retail energy industry and I am confident that I have the business acumen, drive, and industry contacts to run the business side of a business that would compete with however, I need a co-founder who would be able to handle the web development/programming side of the business.


I’d love to have a conversation with anyone who is interested in learning more about my idea. 


Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea