An Instagram for Start-Ups

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Developer

With the recent global smartphone "boom," people have easier access to the internet and its diversity of content shared. Which means there is a rising number of websites being created and start-ups being founded not only in Africa (where I reside) but all around the world. All these developers need to establish an online presence in order to be seen and attract their initial users and audience. This means that a lot of time is spent opening, managing and maintaining multiple social media accounts to engage with consumers and formulating different and unique marketing strategies to appeal to each consumer on multiple platforms.

PostApp is a project-sharing app for developers to post their start-ups on a timeline for users to "like," comment and share on other social networking platforms. It gives developers innovative growth hacking & marketing solutions through simple and familiar social networking. PostApp will redefine how app get their initial users and how websites gain their first batch of audience. It will also be the go-to place for investors to find the next big thing to indulge in, backed by the opinion of the users.

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