An innovative incentive based advertising website that draws consumers’ attention to the ads.

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer
ScratchDeals would be an innovative advertising website.  Currently so many ads are in the periphery of online content.  Consumers do not go to Facebook or other websites for the ads.  Ads are often a nuisance and overlooked.  ScratchDeals would be a website where the ads are the focal content; a site where  consumers go to look for ads.  The website is all about displaying ads and enticing consumers to look at them through the incentive of being able to win offers.  For example, a local restaurant could place an ad about the establishment, offering consumers a chance to win a $40 certificate to the restaurant.  The consumer would go to the ad and do a "virtual scratch" in an attempt to win the offer.  Win or loose, the advertisement is generating unique exposure to consumers who have expressed interest in the advertiser.  At this site consumers would actively search for ads; the ads would not just be background content.  Please view the link for more information on the idea and to better see how the website would be used in practice.

I am looking for a technical co-founder, preferably in the Boston, MA area.  The right technical co-founder would have the necessary skills to develop a prototype of the website and would serve as CTO.  Also having start-up experience, experience with raising capital, and having industry connections would be a plus. 

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