All-in-One Productivity Tool

Looking for: Developer
Our start-up team is currently looking for a CTO to be part of the co-founding team in the field of consumer electronics and IoT (hardware) to guide us along the journey of success. We believe that Technology and humanity should exist for each other.

Our company specializes in developing the All-in-One productivity services with the power of IoT & Artificial Intelligence. 
In simple words, we change how work, carrying, paying, navigating and communicate through technology.

We are very interested in speaking with you further to discuss our goals, sharing our agendas and answering any questions you might have and most importantly, open to any advises and knowledge you may have towards the business.

Thank you!

Joshua Yap 
Co-Founder @ Vernax

Additional Info

  • Website:
  • Time commitment: full time (40h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development