Advertising on the back slip inside a fortune cookie and distributing them into 40k+ Chinese Rest.

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person, Other was started to offer every type of business the opportunity to take advantage of the back slip within fortune cookies at Chinese Restaurants. The back of the slip is known to have a Chinese word and lucky numbers. replaces the content on the back of the slip with a companies advertisement/coupon/message and gives the company the option of choosing from 40,000+ Chinese restaurants within the network. Companies can have the slips printed in full color and can add images/logos/qr codes. The cookies themselves could be baked in different color as well. Having the opportunity to target your market by location and adding the surprise and symbolic element of fortune cookies, the advertisement has a lot more weight than traditional forms. Our survey concluded that over 98% of Chinese restaurant patrons read their slip with over 80% discussing the content of their slip at the dinner table. 

Our platform on has been built to offer a seamless process for placing your advertisement on the slip. You can design your slip on the website and input your zip code and either individually pick restaurants to add to your campaign or add a a specific area and checkout. Within 2 weeks the specific area/restaurant(s) will be distributing your cookies to their patrons.

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