Adsico Inc. The only Ad server and Social Media Manager software company

Looking for: Biz developer, Developer, Engineer, Other
ADSICO (which is the name of my startup company) is seeking to build a series of interrelated saas applications. I am currently the only founder and vision bearer, I already have a company that is acting as CTO but I am paying them to work with me. I will like to get my very own CTO on my team as a co-founder. 
I won't go in that much detail of project specifics, however, I will just give a synopsis of my idea and general concept. 

Basically, ADSICO is an Ad-Server software that can do more that just deliver ads on web pages and videos. ADSICO will be the only Ad-server that study end users activities and display relevant ads. The idea got even exciting when we decide to do something no one else has tempted before. That is offer in apps advertising, Email, SMS and IMs advertising. ADSICO by itself won't be able to complete with the likes of GOOGLE, OpenX, and BuySellAds to name few. That's why we'll create a network of applications that generate revenue from each other services. Some of the other application are A social media manager and social team collaboration software, an HR Job portal and webinar targeted only for large enterprises, and finally, a video portal that will one day replace cable TV. 
I will love to go in more detail and present my business model/plan and any other document of importance to you. But to protect my IP, you will have to show interest and contact me. 
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