A worldwide internet cookbook.

Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer
I just had this great idea about a website and mobile application. I was thinking about what people are interested in regardless of where they are in the world. Stuff like News, Other people's social life, Celebrity Life, Sports... all these came to my mind. But we already have several websites for all these interests. But then I thought that everyone, regardless of where they are from and what they do for a living, all have another thing in common. They eat something, everyday of their life. And most of what they eat is home cooked. People have to cook by themselves cause no one can eat at a restaurant everyday of their life, not just cause it is expensive but also because it is not healthy to eat at a restaurant three meals a day, everyday. 

Sure the internet have apps for different cookbooks and stuff like that. But I want this to be something bigger. A place where anyone can join whether your an amateur chef, a professional world renowned chef or someone who is just looking for something new to cook for lunch. Any one can upload their own recipes or rate other people's recipes. This way people can try to cook famous recipes from professional cooks and amateur cooks can get recognition as well. I want this website to contain anything and everything related to food, whether it is how to make a lemonade by Gordon Ramsey or how to cook an excellent steak from your next door neighbour. 

The internet does not have something like this yet, not at such a global level. I need people to understand the potential of this idea and join me. Right now this is just an idea I have and I am alone on this. But I need people to make this idea a reality.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea