A unique Proximity based Social Media platform

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer
The Project:
-An exciting new mobile app based Social Media platform
-We believe that we're introducing an exceptional new platform, as we've created a couple of very exciting and unique features that have not been seen so far in the social media space. 
-Basic tests among target users to see if they would be attracted to these features and the results have been more than positive. Further testing will be carried out once the app starts to take shape.
Stage we are at:
-The designs and moqups have been built and are ready to go for further testing.
-The app is being built as we speak by a hired team of experienced developers
What we need: We're looking for perhaps 2 individuals who's skills and experiences can cover the following areas:
-An experienced engineer who can lead the development team [preferably an experienced CTO with great connections]. Clear understanding of the the technical talent and resources that need to be hired.
-Marketing and Business Manager who has a great eye for detail. Early Stage tech based start-up growth experienced would give your chances a huge boost. Someone with unique and rereshingmarketing strategies 
-Experience in app development
-Experience in app design
-Experience in building / growing an early stage start-up
-Clear understanding of the requirements of each stage of the startups development
-Transparency and Honesty
-minimum of 20 Hour per week commitment.
-Any bit of financial support you provide will only help our project but if you can't, it will NOT hurt your chances of joining us. We're looking for motivated talent with a strong work ethic, more than anything.
-A % stake in the company (each person)
-Plus a high position salary once some funding comes in.
-New exciting challenge of creating something truly special.
-Opportunity to work with very motivated individuals
I am not going to make those cliche statements such as "we are the next Facebook" because they are silly, BUT, I truly believe that with the right team and a strong work ethic, much can be achieved. 
Are you someone with the skills and experiences that we've outlined, do get in touch.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development