A trustworthy platform for people to safely share their ideas & collaborate

Looking for: Developer, Engineer

Many students and young professionals have great ideas but like a single lion dreams of catching an elephant, their ideas fade away and never become realized – mainly due to a lack of a suitable team to make them happen.It drives me to build a trustworthy platform for people to safely share their ideas, receive feedback, form an A-Star team to develop the idea and make it a profitable reality.

One of the major problems faced by most students and young professionals is the lack of a supportive network to take an idea from concept through to working prototype. They lack a solicitation of meaningful feedback from peers and other experienced individuals. My solution is to build a platform based on reputation and feedback through social networking to incentivize support, feedback and collaboration. This platform also supports fair collaboration with dynamic and flexible contribution measurement system.

While crowdsourcing platforms do a good job, they fail to provide a cohesive way to make profit. This platform helps team generate wealth not only in entrepreneurial way, but also by selling idea’s implication to firms or donating it as charity. Fairness and support are also guaranteed with the extended system of reputation and feedback.

My platform harnesses the power of international skillsets and creativity and creates wonderful new products and solutions that help improve lives and generate wealth.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: half time (20h/week)
  • Idea stage: prototype development