A talk-back mobile app helping to think in a win-win way

Looking for: Developer, Engineer

Human mind is a dialogue between two entities. One entity is you. It is animate: it has past, present, and future. It tends to offer win-win solutions. Another entity represents the influences of the outside world. It has no time dimension; therefore, it is inanimate. It likes to create irrelevant theories, and its voice is louder. It tends to offer lose-lose solutions.

Breakthrough: if we disallow words that have inanimate characteristics, the second voice can’t speak

User types: [Problem] Rita is always screaming. 
Psyclue highlights ALWAYS as this is a keyword that stops time. The sentence needs to be rewritten. 
User: Rita is screaming when I do not do dishes. 
Psyclue: What is your strategy of dealing with this problem? 

The app also teaches win-win, suggests win-win vendors, recommends and discusses movies...

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