A system to house data on a child, owned by the parent, shared with the teacher

Looking for: Designer, Developer
If I'm a parent with a child in school, I have a hard time knowing my child is doing, especially if I'm busy working and such.  As a teacher, I walk in to a new school year knowing close to nothing about my students and have to go through the same routine of having students and their parents fill out their forms and turn them in to me, to then type into a haphazard spreadsheet that I might never use again. 

Imagine that there was a central system that was owned by the parent that housed all the data for their kids - grades, state tests, behavioral information, a portfolio of their work, and even their interests or access to technology at home.  And a parent has the option to share this information with the teacher, so teachers and administrators can make strategic decisions on how to help that student learn.  

This solution can simultaneously empower parents with data on their children while also enabling teachers and administrators to differentiate instruction and support for that student.  Furthermore, this system can build a stronger relationship between parent and teacher, as well as help students and parents create and monitor goals throughout the school year.

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea