A solution for the challenge of thin, short afro-textured natural hair

Looking for: Engineer, Marketer, Sales person
- African American women have been facing a challenging concept of hair for years. Now there is a huge movement of women going "natural". 
- Even when AA women grow their natural hair they still face big issues with styling.  Most do the "big chop" and get tired of the slow growth,  and the predictable styles, thus turn to hair extensions.
- So, the dilemma with hair extensions is this: All quality hair extensions are of other textures.  Textures which DO NOT match the natural, kinky, black hair texture of black women. If a black woman wants to wear hair extensions, typically they have to damage their hair with heat to make it straight each day OR conceal their hair with a hot, sweaty wig!
- When a natural haired woman of color is attempting to go natural, they want growth.  Damaging hair  with heat is not conducive to hair growth. Period. This is why you see so many of us (African American, Afro-textured haired women) with short hair.
- This product SOLVES THE PROBLEM of versatility.  Enter in the option of covering up sparse hair with NATURAL, HUMAN, KINKY hair extensions that match natural afro-textured hair exactly.  This provides ultimate health of their hair without damage, ultimate growth and ease of use- because the extensions are harmless, non-time consuming clip-ins.

The Buisnesses Manufacturers & Suppliers:

- The relationship with the supplier has already been established with an outside company. 
- There is no negotiation of contracts needed, and product rates are locked in.
- The product comes in 3 textures, 2 colors and in 3 different lengths. It's that simple!
- The product sustains a 3x+ markup margin (ex: the short length clip in set is purchased for $18, it will sell for a minimum of $54-60, plus shipping.  The good news is most women buy the medium or long length, which profits more).


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