A social passport that unlocks rewards as you visit attractions on your next vacation.

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Have you ever been on vacation and suddenly ran out of ideas on things to do or didn't know what was there to do? Well DigiPassport is here to help solve that. With this app, you can travel to example Los Angeles and visit Hollywood blvd. As soon as you come within 1 mile of this location, the app will show you what are the most popular things to do while there. Also will show the last 10 people that last visited the area and checked in using the app.  In the app you can upload pics and videos of your time there. Leave recommendations for others to do. Like other peoples uploads and even message those people.

For business who wants to earn extra customers can benefit from this too. When a user is in their area visiting an attraction or museum, they can offer a coupon to that user for them to come in their business. And if the user don't want to go immediately, their will be a seperate section for all the coupons they have collected.

This app is social and very valuable to the average person looking to have a great vacation and for businesses that want to benefit from the tourist in there area. 

Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: just an idea