A social networking app that finds events and people to share moments with in real life.

Looking for: Designer
As soon as you open the app, you're presented with a list of events that tailored to the things you like. We learn about your interests over time, and your favorite places, and use that to suggest interesting things to do. This isn't an app for event tickets: it's a place where anyone can add an event, from concerts to nightlife or specific things like a student org meeting. We can take those events and make even non-obvious connections. For example, if you go to the gym a lot you might be interested in the Arnold Classic coming to your city, even if this would be your first time going to one. It really helps you open up and discover the world around you.
We wanted to create a way for everyone going to an event to be able to see and chat with each other, so within an event you can do just that: post chats or voice notes to anyone or to the public. Since the context of the conversation is the event, you have something in common with everyone else subscribed. It's easy and fun to start up a conversation!
Our mission is to make a better way to do social networking that does away with bloated friend counts or the noisy News Feed. We want to connect people around the things that they like to do in real life. We hope you'll join our small team and work with us in making this a reality over the summer. 

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