A simpler buy/sell website/app

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Marketer
Hi everyone, 
I have a project for a website where people would be able to buy and sell or even advertise their products/goods with more ease that on conventional sites such as eBay or Craigslist. Registered people could also get more connected to other users socially or professionally. I also have other plans with it for the future, which I can explain If you would like.
I am making this site because each time I thought about selling something on the internet, I noticed how long and sometimes complicated the process was so I though I would try to make a simpler, minimalistic version of those sites. I have got a prototype up and running (https://www.miklist.com) and it seems to be doing pretty well, I have already got a few hundred people from different locations who signed up for it without the need for me to advertise the site.
Because my prototype is doing good, I thought I would rethink the code from scratch to make it more efficient, add some functionalities (such as mogin without Facebook) and make it easier to maintain. I would also like to improve the design and content of the site to make it more user friendly.
I quickly noticed all this work is way too much for a single person so I am inviting you to come work with me and try make this site grow! Whether you are a designer, programmer or writer, you are very welcome to come join us and help. 
The site does not generate much revenue yet so what I can offer all the colaborators is a good amount of shares in the company. If we are able to make this site/app grow profitable, you'll be glad to have a good share of the profit for it
Looking forward to be working with you!

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