A replacement for Craigslist

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I am Thomas Ward from Lawton Oklahoma, I spent most of my life in Southern California and moved here for a better job opertunity. I am accomplished in the field of Information Technologies and have many large projects under my belt. I have recently started a small company called Zeemo.co LLC, that I have been designing ideas for this year, and found one I keep thinking about, the perfect replacement to Craigslist.

I can offer the know how and coding expertise to develop the site, and hosting for the site, but I need to get the business off the ground, with advertising, and driving people to use the site. I believe with the changes to the way listanything.org will work compared to craigslist.org, there will be reason for users to flock to it. The user experience will allow users to feel safer, and better about who they are doing business with.

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