A personal and affordable budget plan which includes creating a goal and tracking progress

Looking for: Marketer, Sales person

The idea revolves around people saving money as best they can in their current situation.
A budget is created with each client, and a savings goal is set for a point in time in the future (6 months, 12 months for eg).

Once the budget has been created, the client will download an app (3rd party) that they use to track their daily transactions. This becomes easy after a few weeks.

Twice a week, the client will e-mail their transactions through a CSV file me (a very easy process through the app), and I will send them in return a tracker on how they are performing compared to their goal.

I have had a number of clients achieve great results through my system, along with myself, and I have never been happier or more at ease with my financial situation.

The aim here is to be extremely affordable and simple to all people, as the catch 22 is that people who are looking to us to save may not have the money to spend on a budget in the first place.

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